hi everyone! thanks for coming. emma will be here at 5pm (GMT) so don't go away - and get those questions in!

OK, Emma's here! She wants to say a few words first...

"Happy New Year everyone, it's Emma here, I hope you're having a fantastic one so far!
Before we get started I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of you who logged onto the site and sent me Christmas and Birthday messages, you're so kind and it's great to have your support. From now on I'll be checking into my message board more often to personally answer your questions. I might not always be able to let you know when so you better be ready for me...xxx
Right, let's get down to business..."

Sunny Spice
Hi Emma! (and late happy b-day wishes!) Did you get nice pressies for you birthday? What was the best one? Love ya, hope to see you soon in Finland! BTW you did rock the last time you were here :)
  • emma: I got some lovely presents for my birthday. Really personal ones, like my mum got my first baby shoe cast in Bronze so i can keep it forever.

Debbie C
When will the UK tour dates be announced? Will they be put on this site first?
  • emma: At the moment i have no tour planned but i'll definitely be putting the dates on my site first when i do

Hi Emma: Happy Birthday and thank you very much for giving us a present by being here! My question: Since you're becoming more "Emma" and less "Baby" do you STILL get away with murder? And what is the naughtiest thing you've gotten away with by batting your eyelashes?
  • emma: I think a nice smile can get you out of anything! I'm not naughty, just a bit cheeky!

I would like to know if you will be releasing an autobiography in the future, like Geri and Victoria did. I read them both, and they were so amazing! Have you read them?
  • emma: I've read Victoria's but i think i'm going to wait till i'm much older. that way i can write about the whole spice experience from a different perspective

Michael Isteed
When did you realise just how huge the spice phenomenon was?
  • emma: I think when say You'll Be There went to Number 1. then we realised this was turning into something special. It was always much calmer being inside the Spice bubble when the media were going mad about it all on the outside.

Hi Emma, Im David (18/m/uk) I am myself in a band with two girls(aged 19) and we are currently beginning promotion to launch ourselves to record companies and writing our own material. My question is have you yourself ever considered managing your own band and also what advice would you give to us when we start our promotion?
  • emma: I would love to look after a band, i think the main thing you have to do is write your own music, which you're already doing, be strong in what you believe in and work hard. Good luck David, im thinking of you

Simon Bradley
Have you seen the TV advert for OXO when that family is discussing you (and your bum!)? haha, it is so funny! what do you think about it? the man seems to like you!
  • emma: I think it's great and i'm very flattered!

Hi Emma, just interested to find out how did you spend your Christmas and what did you get from your mom?
  • emma: I spent my christmas with my family and Jade and had a really relaxing time as i had been working so hard last year. I got some beautiful diamond earings from my mum

What did Jade think about your admission on CD:UK that you quite fancied Ant? Lots of Love and Kisses Michael
  • emma: He found it very funny, he knows that i love him dearly and it was just a joke.

Anne C
What's your plan for 2002?Except for starting your solo tour and releasing the next single,will you write more new songs?
  • emma: I'll be writing and recording new material. There are actually a few surprises yet to be revealed, so keep checking back to my site!!

Delphine Vandewattyne
Hi emma,how is it like to be an auntie?
  • emma: Amazing! He's my little bundle of joy but i think you also realise it's a lot of hard work.

Happy birthday!! Emma what's the best concert you have ever been to?
  • emma: hmmm, best concert? Mel C and Britney Spears at Wembley (not together!). Both are lots of fun but very different.

Patrick Clancy
I saw your Life Line Appeal on TV at the weekend and wondered how long have you been involved with The Rainbow Trust and will you be doing more in the future?
  • emma: Defintely, I've been working with the Rainbow Trust for 2 years now and have recently become patron and i visit the home a lot.

Lee GG
Hi there, Just wondering if you get much time to yourself? Say your about to go out but then you get a phone call from your record company saying you have to do some promo stuff the next day so you can't. Is that side of fame annoying? All the best, Lee Happy Birthday by the way...
  • emma: You have to make sure you give yourself time to spend with your family and friends, otherwise you lose touch with reality.

Hiya Emma, its 3 am here in Australia at the moment I just wanted to say that your performance at Channel V and Rumba Sydney were sooo good and i enjoyed them so much too. My question is.. what is your guitarists name? the tall one? because i fancy him! After your Channel V performance, he was backstage with this little video camera and he was recording me doing the dance for "Stop".. i dont know if this was your video camera or not.... Oh and one more thing.. do you remember me? I was the one at Rumba that gave you those four flower... and then i cried.... well thats all i have to say... and thank you for coming to australia.. you changed my life forever!!! Luv Kylie xxxxx
  • emma: Yes i remember you and i'd like to say i had the most amazing time in Australia. Everyone out there is so positive and i'm hoping to come over again very soon. Oh by the way, my bass player's name is James.

Daniel Tellez
Which are the last 5 cds you've bought? Big kisses from your number 1 fan
  • emma: Big Kiss back Daniel! My latest CDs are: Destiny's Child, Damage, Macy Gray, a Christmas Nat King Cole album and the Chicken Shed album

Where did you get that fabulous pink dress you wore at the Brits when you got your lifetime achivement award? I've got my leavers ball from college coming up and I want to wear it!!!!
  • emma: the dress was made by Julian Mcdonald but there are some fabulous copies of it around. I think i saw one in Top Shop!

Hi Emma, i must say i love your website and would like to ask when are you going to put a web diary!
  • emma: At the moment i've just come back from my holiday so as soon a i get back to work i'll keep you informed of everything i'm doing. Good idea, Joe

When was the last time you and Melanie C had fun together?
  • emma: On saturday night! Melanie came to my surprise birthday and we had a real laugh!

Andrew Farrington
Hi Emma (your gorgeous) will there be any more singles off the wonderful "A Girl like me"??
  • emma: Thank you Andrew, so glad you like the album. I'm thinking about writing new material at the moment because there's already been 4 singles released and it'll be better value for my fans to buy the album instead.

Hi Emma! My name is caroline and what I'd like to know is - do you have any plans to make a movie? Also being a high contender in the chart these days do have any favourite pop artists? Thanxs -xxx- P.S HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • emma: I'd love to do a movie at some point but at the minute i'm working hard at my music career. As for my fave pop artist, i'm a big fan of Destiny's Child and i really like S Club 7.

Christopher Lees
Hi Emma, I'm the Western Australian ambassador for Spice Fans United. I was wondering whether you've got any plans to collaborate with any former pop stars - like any of the members of 5ive, Steps or All Saints?
  • emma: I love writing my own music and as i'm an established solo artist i have no plans to collaborate at the moment.

Hi Emma!, first of all, thanks for sending me a signed pic a couple month ago when I sended you a letter, you made me feel really special...My question is do you have plans to come to southamerica?
  • emma: I hope to when i can!

Angie Hung
Hi Emma, what song on your album challenges you the most vocally when singing live?
  • emma: I feel very comfortable with most songs on my album because when i write them i tend to write them in a good key for me. Take My Breath Away is probably the hardest...... I want to say a HUGE thanks to everyone that logged on, i really appreciate your support. Watch out for my new album and lots of surprises in the new year. Big kisses and cuddles to you all...see you very soon, Emma xxxx